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Where Can I Find Personality and Ability Testing?

Other Testing options

Technical skills testing is most effective when combined with other testing such as personality, ability or software skills.

These tests might cover:

  • Ability Testing - at the desired level of competence
  • Personality Questionnaires - to assess 'fit' and development priorities
  • Sales Effectiveness Tests - where accountants also need to win business
  • IT and Software Skills Tests

In addition to the providers below we can provide direct access to a range of personality and ability tests, along with Microsoft and other software testing.  Contact Us for details.

Testing & Assessment Publisher Partners

Accountests products can be purchased directly from this website, or via a selection of carefully selected Testing & Assessment publishers and providers who share our values of delivering only valid & reliable testing products and services. 

If you are building multi-assessment selection processes and want to add accounting tests to psychometric assessments of personality and ability, or add in software and admin testing, then these providers can provide you with a singular source from which to distribute, administer and generate combined reports as well as consulting services to ensure you make thoroughly informed recruitment and development decisions.


UK Partners

London based providers of psychometric testing & assessment, coaching & consulting services

Global providers of tests and assessments, based in the UK

Oxford based providers of psychometric testing, assessment centres & recruitment campaigns


West Country based. Widely accredited independent Psychometric specialists in recruitment & development

UK-wide providers of Skills & Software Testing, including eSkills


Australian & New Zealand Partners


New Zealand and Australia based provider of psychometric and ability tests for accounting firms and corporates.



 Melbourne based testing and assessment provider to the corporate market.

 Auckland based provider assisting public and private sector organisations.



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